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Indoor Lifestyle

  • "Amidst the languid echoes of grandeur and secrets whispered by its opulent walls, the house stood, a timeless sentinel of wealth and allure. Its windows, like alluring eyes, gleamed with the tales of extravagant parties and forbidden trysts, while its doors, adorned with intricate carvings, welcomed the fortunate few into a world of illusory bliss. But beyond the façade of opulence lay a hollow emptiness, as the house itself yearned for the elusive warmth of a true home, forever lost amidst the shimmering mirage of wealth and desire."

Step back in time to this early 1900s house at Boxwood Court. Lovingly restored, this home still holds its original character and charm with many original features. French doors out of every room open onto porches, patios, and courtyards. The house boasts 8 bathrooms and 5 bedrooms, each with en-suite facilities. Full of light and character, Boxwood Court is the perfect place for a family to call home.

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